About The Scintilla Project

Scintilla was born and took shape through emails and video chats between Dominique, Onyi, and Kim. The three of us became blogfriends through our participation in Reverb, a December blog project which focuses on year end reflection.

Who we are is informed by our stories. Here, we want to offer you a space to introduce yourself, and a guide to share your history and make some connections along the way. Reveal as much as you wish – we understand that not everyone wants to lay their soul bare on the internet. We want to encourage you, however, to test your limits a bit. There is a deep beauty to be found when you open yourself up and find new friends at the end of your journey.

We’re offering promp​t choices so you don’t feel locked in to a daily prompt which may or may not resonate with you. This project will go on for two weeks to avoid the burnout that can develop in the middle of longer projects. The rules are pretty loose here – you can write about the prompt of the day or you can refer back to prompts you may have skipped.

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Hello and welcome – it’s lovely to meet you.


The Scintilla Project HQ
Dominique-Hernandez (174x174)Dominique is a personal blogger and a nonprofiteer skilled in online marketing. She’s based out of New York, and is especially fond of twitter, chai, and dancing. She can’t wait to get to know you. Read her blog at lolasangria.com or follow @aduronia on Twitter.





Kim Kim wants you to write your heart out during Scintilla. In exchange, she’ll do the same. She lives in Winnipeg and loves popcorn for dinner, snail mail, and lavender rooibos. Follow @kimsamsin on Twitter or read her blog at Kimperative.com. (photo credit: @tjrossignol)






StereoCheck Onyi is a twenty-something aspiring bon vivant. Enamoured of words, she is looking forward to diving headfirst into yours during this project. She lives in London and loves asparagus, denim and occasional snark. Find her blog at uncletypewriter.com or follow @uncletypewriter on Twitter.