On hold, for now

We wanted to let you know that the Scintilla Project will not be taking place during spring 2014. There are two general reasons:

–TIME. Scintilla takes a lot of it, and we have less of it this year. We don’t want to run a less-good project, so we would rather take a pass this spring. We ask that you stay on the mailing list for any updates on a future project. It will also help us to know how many of you remain interested.

–FEELINGS. During a couple of months of discussion, we weren’t able to ignite the usual anticipation and excitement for ourselves for the kind of project we’ve done in the past – we’ve worked to find an evolution, but haven’t yet found anything we think is great enough to present to the world. We’re going to keep turning it over and we hope to be back one day with something amazing.It’s hard when you love something so much and you know it needs to change, and it’s especially hard when many other people are also involved. This is not to say we believe in that “the blog is dead!” handwaving; we love personal blogs and maintain them ourselves. We have heard from several of you that you were looking forward to writing along with the project this year and we know this news is a letdown for a lot of people.

Here is our advice for that letdown: Believe that the stories Scintilla brought out of you were ones you were going to tell anyway. Continue to write the best posts you can, without prompting. Tell good stories. Write less filler. Don’t apologize for not posting while you were out living your life. Look at your layout as if you’re a first-time visitor, and make sure it says what you want it to say. And reach out to other people whose writing stirs you, the way you would have if Scintilla were running. (Our blogroll of 2013 participants will remain up for the time being; go make a few friends.) You do not need to blog every day for two weeks on the same topic others are. You really don’t. You just need to remember why you started your blog in the first place, and go from there.